Wall Art

Cool prints are a must have in every house and now in every nursery! The illustrated or typographic posters have made it into the little ones' rooms and designers know it. That's why we'll be seeing a lot more illustrator artists designing childlike posters. At The Modern Baby you'll find a great selection of images and a lot more decoration items that I'll feature in future posts. They have the coolest things!

If you wanna go classic you can frame these posters, but personally I'd rather use medium binder clips to add an urban touch or cool washi tape. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a patterned tape. The guys from Mr.Wonderful have a beautiful selection. Take a look at the way they use it! Unfortunately, they don't ship worldwide so if you don't live in Spain, you can take a look at Etsy, where you'll find every design you can think of. I personally love the "chevron" pattern. 

Nursery inspiration

A friend just told me she is expecting a girl and I got super excited thinking about decorating ideas. Nursery's aren't what they used to be anymore. There's a lot of cool stuff out there to have fun with! But before you go crazy and start buying things, you need to decide which color palette you want for the room. You don't want your nursery to look like a christmas tree... I personally love the pink and grey combination and Chloé nailed it. She is a french illustrator who recently shared her nursery in her awesome blog.

The color combination of the room is just perfect. I love the geometric wall paper - simple and cool. The chair is so cute... But what really made me crazy are the paper bunnies in the wall. She makes them and yes; you can buy them! Visit her shop here.

Stay tunned for the next post. I'll tell you where to buy cool things for your nursery or kids room!


When I have to buy something for a newborn I always like to buy a "total look". My friend just had a baby and lucky me, Zara has launched the new Mini collection which has made my life easier as they have put together different outfits. I personally love the colors of this season. Blue, beige, grey and pink. Cute but not cheesy. The jackets with hoods are my favorites. And of course, they have a beautiful selection of the must have for next year (for adults and kids), the rompers. If you need to buy an outfit for a newborn, visit Zara! Click on an outfit and you'll be able to buy every item of it. 

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Nowadays, toys play an important role in decorating your kid´s room. The Nordic countries started designing pretty cool toys some years ago and now the trend is expanding. Maileg, a Danish brand, designs rag dolls and accessories to dress them. Sophisticated and classy – that's how their rabbit collection should be described. The long bodies and ears make those soft toys adorable. They have 6 different sizes, from "mini" to "mega maxi" and they have a huge collection of accessories to dress them. Their fashion design varies each season. This season´s design is inspired by a "ballerina" theme that for a lack of better words... is cute as hell.


I-A-M-D-Y-I-N-G for this look! A biker jacket on a little girl is just awesome. And combined with a skirt and cool t-shirt is kick ass. MANGO KIDS has launched their new collection and they have pretty cool things. Check out their cute animal t-shirts and combine them with a skirt.

ZARA KIDS is also feeling this look, check out their faux leather jacket and combine it with any of these skirts from the new collection. Smallable has some rocker t-shirts too.

MANGO and ZARA have also very cool stuff for boys. I really like it when boys´ outfits mix leather jackets with a retro t-shirt, it gives them that London street style look.


Last month, I had to organize one of my best friends’ baby shower and she gave me a real challenge! She didn't want me to spend money on decorations, so that left me with no other choice but think about cool DIY ideas. Have I mentioned the theme was robots?

So, what do you need to create a DIY Baby Bot Shower?

1. Printables: I started looking for ideas and I was so lucky to find the Hostess with the Mostess® blog. They have thousands of ideas for baby showers and kids birthdays. Trust me, you are going to spend hours looking at their pictures. And of course, they had a Robot themed baby shower. The best part is they have free printables that you can download, check them out here.

2. Big Robots: They're so easy! You just need cardboard boxes and grey gift wrap. You can create the eyes, buttons and stripes, just make colorful shapes, print them and use glue to stick them to the robot.

3. Guest Favors: I made little stuffed robots. These will take you time but everybody will go crazy over them. And believe me, you don't need sewing skills. What you do need is felt, little buttons and cushion filling. Every part of the robot needs to be sewed, even the buttons. I also made a little label which had one of the free printables I found at Hostess with the Mostess® on one side and the name of the baby on the other side.

4. Sweets: Cake Pops are awesome but remember... this was a DIY challenge. So if you don't want to spend money you can do cool robot heads with marshmallows. I also bought blue chocolate at Party City and eye candies at Michael's. Melt the chocolate, dip the marshmallow and put it upside down until it's cold. Don't put them in the freezer!


5. Photo BOT: And finally if you to make kids and adults happy... give them something they can take pictures with! I created a Robot Photo Booth. With a couple of cardboard boxes you can make these robot heads!


And if you happen to have a friend who is as amazing a photographer as Liz Dikinson, you'll have pics as cool as these.


I'm so excited I just found Ferm for kids. It's a Danish brand and their new collection is adorable and of course... very cool! Check their new wall patterns, pillows and toys. And don't miss their "Faces Boxes" They can be used to store things and they'll look awesome in any room!

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