Nursery inspiration

A friend just told me she is expecting a girl and I got super excited thinking about decorating ideas. Nursery's aren't what they used to be anymore. There's a lot of cool stuff out there to have fun with! But before you go crazy and start buying things, you need to decide which color palette you want for the room. You don't want your nursery to look like a christmas tree... I personally love the pink and grey combination and Chloé nailed it. She is a french illustrator who recently shared her nursery in her awesome blog.

The color combination of the room is just perfect. I love the geometric wall paper - simple and cool. The chair is so cute... But what really made me crazy are the paper bunnies in the wall. She makes them and yes; you can buy them! Visit her shop here.

Stay tunned for the next post. I'll tell you where to buy cool things for your nursery or kids room!

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