Wall Art

Cool prints are a must have in every house and now in every nursery! The illustrated or typographic posters have made it into the little ones' rooms and designers know it. That's why we'll be seeing a lot more illustrator artists designing childlike posters. At The Modern Baby you'll find a great selection of images and a lot more decoration items that I'll feature in future posts. They have the coolest things!

If you wanna go classic you can frame these posters, but personally I'd rather use medium binder clips to add an urban touch or cool washi tape. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a patterned tape. The guys from Mr.Wonderful have a beautiful selection. Take a look at the way they use it! Unfortunately, they don't ship worldwide so if you don't live in Spain, you can take a look at Etsy, where you'll find every design you can think of. I personally love the "chevron" pattern. 

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