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When you are a kid you want to grow up and when you are a grown up you want to be a kid again. That's what Mango might have thought when they decided to create the Mini Me collection. The coolest pieces for adults are now available for kids.

I'm not a big fan of the matchy matchy thing. So I wouldn't dress a mum and a daughter with the same outfit. But I really love the idea of making kids sizes for these cool adult pieces. My favorite so far is the last outfit for both, adult and kid.


A lot of people are asking me about the design of their kid's room and I always say the same: you need a geometric patterned wall paper and a tent! Seriously, if you have enough space... go get one. I'm all about white so I strongly recommend this color, specially if your walls have a strong shade or a patterned wall paper. Most of my favorite shops have tents you can buy, but if you are a DIY master you can make one. It's not that complicated!

1. Elisabeth Heier.
2. Ferm Living.
3. Bel and Soph.
4. Via Pinterest.

Pola & Frank

I love simplicity and so does Pola & Frank, a polish brand that designs everyday clothes for both mothers and children. Their collections are always based on simple cuts and patterns. This season's color palette is a mix of grey, blush, black and white.

My favorite pieces are the dresses! The polka dot dress and the rhombus + ribbon dress are cute and trendy because of their patterns but what drives me mad is the elegant cut of both of them.

Desktop Organizer

Have you ever come to that point where you can't handle the mess in your desktop anymore? I have! So I decided to create a desktop to keep all my folders organized. And you can download it too! Click on the links, download the file and use it in your computer.

Download the Pink Desktop
Download the Green Desktop

Nursery Decoration

For today's nursery decoration post I wanted to show what, to me, is one of the coolest items of the year. The first "rocking chair" was created in 1948 by Charles Eames and today it's been recreated by some brands. Some people use it in their living rooms and others in their kid's nursery like the guys from Bel & Shop, a shop I've just had the pleasure of discovering. They have a very thought-out collection that mixes vintage style with nordic looks! What else could we ask for? Yes, I guess I'm gonna be talking a lot about this shop! 

Bel & Soph keeps up with the ultimate trends so, of course they also have a Eame replica. But that's not all, they also have a beautiful selection of cushions you can use to add a touch to the chair.

Bel & Soph have a lot more products I'm gonna show you in future posts. Now, if you want to combine the cushions above you can do it with these ones from . Their cloud and drops collection is perfect for decoration. 

Chair image: via Mr. Wonderful

Little Devils wear Zara

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the new Zara Mini collection. Now it's kids time. Zara went for a grunge and casual street style look. These kids have the perfect outfit to go to Coachella! Big jackets, booties and skirts for girls and a lot of layers for boys. 

This week's "Get the look" for girls is still a leather jacket + skirt. There's no way to beat that look for this season! To add a sweet touch to the outfit I chose these cute cat shoes, also from Zara. The entire look is about $150.

For boys, the look of the week is a trench coat + aviator boots. The entire look ranges at about  $200. If you already have a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt it would be even less. 


Although high couture clothes for kids are not as expensive as adults clothes not everyone can afford them, but they might very well serve for inspiration or trending setters. My favorite collection so far it's the one for DIOR KIDS. The lady-like style is a must for this season. Red dresses and nice coats is something you want to have for your little girl. For boys, layer, layers and more layers! A wool sweater and blazer or trench looks super elegant.

Chloé is one of my favorite brands. Simple dresses but yet so elegant. 

Lanvin has a nice collection of coats combined with little dresses. Every girl (kid or adult) should have a black, a red and a white little dress in their wardrobe. 


"Imaginarium" is a world of fantasy where your favorite characters come to life with animal-inspired knits. I wish Oeuf would have existed when I was a kid! Hopefully you still believe in fairy tales, because you know what they say "If you want to see magic you have to remember when you were a kid... and you believed in it".

Not only they create charming clothes, Oeuf is also know for their quality and their sustainability. Their knits are made by women in Bolivia and each piece is fair trade. How's that for magic? 

If you have already remembered what magic was like, you might see things you couldn't see before. 


You gotta love when kids are dressed like little rock stars. And believe me, there are a lot of cool shops out there that sell all kind of rocker stuff. To me, the most important part of the outfit would be the t-shirt and if you want to take it a step further, buy a little blazer and pair of vans. 

Images: Via Pinterest

Punk baby clothes is one of my favorite shops when I need to buy a present for a newborn or a toddler. They have a lot of band t-shirts as well as cool accessories with skulls. I've personally bought both pairs of shoes you see in the image and they were awesome, not to mention the kids looked amazing with them. 

If you haven't yet discovered Jessica Alba's baby collection you should go check it out now! She has created The Honest Company, a place where you can find safe and eco-friendly products. And among those products you'll find jewels such as these skull diapers!!

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