Halloween Party

I have to admit that Halloween and Christmas drive me mad. I love all the crafts you can make and the party décor is amazing. I like to stick to a color palette for everything! And this year I wanted to do a black and white pumpkin. They look pretty elegant and chic. In my research I found Studio DIY, an awesome blog with cool pumpkin inspiration.

I love Halloween costumes but the second thing that gets me counting the days to the 31st is the party décor. I would suggest to stick to a color palette for this too. A very cool color mix is black, white and orange. Here's an example from Sweet Little Peanut for Pottery Barn Kids. White chocolate apples, mason jar filled with orange soda, stripped straws, real pumpkins and orange and white balloons will create a really cool effect.

You can also design labels and tags for your beverages or candies like these from Fox in the Pine

Halloween DIY Costumes II

On my last post I suggested some costume ideas for Halloween so that you don't have to buy one in a party shop. Remember, they don't look good. Harlequin costumes are really easy to create. Makeup, black & white clothes and huge necks would do it.

Sometimes one good piece is enough to have an amazing costume like the "Little Red Riding Hood" above. "The White Rabbit" from Alice in Wonderland is also one of my favorite options. And no, you don't have to buy a pre-made costume. Here are some inspirational ideas.

Harlequin group: aneyewithaview.tumblr.com
Rabbit board: hardesthearts.tumblr.com; Confiture de Pailletes; Bella Allure Imagery
Rest of the images: via Pinterest

Halloween DIY Costumes

Maybe I should change the title to "Please, don't buy your kid a costume from a party shop". Those costumes don't look good at all. The best option always is DIY! A good makeup might be the only thing your kid needs, like the little "Queen of Hearts" below. If you want the same effect of the picture don't use white makeup use white powder instead. If you costume is all about the outfit, use real items not "costume clothes" like the little "Chaplin" or the "Clockwork orange" below. 

You can also grab some clothes from your own wardrobe to create a little scarecrow. The result is pretty cool.

Of course, the fox costume is a must! And they are pretty simple to create. Here you can find a tutorial.

Little Frenchies

Yes, the french do it better! There are no other countries or designers in the world that can pull a classy style better than the french. Ribbons, closed necks, skirts and hats have always been their mark. And that's exactly what you can find in this season's collection at Emile et Ida

Merveilles is also one of my favorite french shops. Their clothes would turn any girl into a little lady. You can go for a skirt or dress option if you want a more girly style, but if you prefer the tomb boy style remember to add at least one feminine detail so that your girl doesn't look like a boy. For example, a little ribbon on the jacket or the hair.

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