Gift wrapping

I know... I'm late for Christmas! But think about all the kids birthdays you have this year! During these Holidays I found a lot of gift wrapping inspiration. My favorite was the one from Mr.Printables "The animal gift wrapping". As you can see it's the easiest thing ever! All you need is white paper and a pen. And believe me, you don't need drawing skills! 

You can do any animal you can think about! I had the idea of using ribbon to make ears and tails. And stacking them is very cool!

Baby it's cold outside

I guess we can say we are looking at a pretty rough winter! Snow storms are covering the states and, of course, a lot of moms are bundling their kids up with every winter item they have in the closet. Makes those Mommy-I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom runs more adventurous. I don't blame you... It's 58F in Miami, and we're freezing! I can't imagine how the rest of you are dealing with lower temperatures. But anyway, I wanted to put together some warm-outfit ideas your kids can wear without losing the "coolness" these days.

For boys... thick sweaters! There's nothing I like more than wool, winter sweaters. Combine them with a shirt and hat or scarf. 

For girls, a pair of Minnetonka shoes are a must, as well as a faux fur waistcoat, which girls can wear with a dress or a shirt. My favorite combination is a waistcoat with a dress and high boots. And, you can find everything on Zara Kids

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