Baby it's cold outside

I guess we can say we are looking at a pretty rough winter! Snow storms are covering the states and, of course, a lot of moms are bundling their kids up with every winter item they have in the closet. Makes those Mommy-I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom runs more adventurous. I don't blame you... It's 58F in Miami, and we're freezing! I can't imagine how the rest of you are dealing with lower temperatures. But anyway, I wanted to put together some warm-outfit ideas your kids can wear without losing the "coolness" these days.

For boys... thick sweaters! There's nothing I like more than wool, winter sweaters. Combine them with a shirt and hat or scarf. 

For girls, a pair of Minnetonka shoes are a must, as well as a faux fur waistcoat, which girls can wear with a dress or a shirt. My favorite combination is a waistcoat with a dress and high boots. And, you can find everything on Zara Kids

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