Gift wrapping

I know... I'm late for Christmas! But think about all the kids birthdays you have this year! During these Holidays I found a lot of gift wrapping inspiration. My favorite was the one from Mr.Printables "The animal gift wrapping". As you can see it's the easiest thing ever! All you need is white paper and a pen. And believe me, you don't need drawing skills! 

You can do any animal you can think about! I had the idea of using ribbon to make ears and tails. And stacking them is very cool!


  1. Hey,The paper isn't reusable so the flexi rods would be cheaper in the long run actually. The paper maybe more comfortable, but you'll get used to the rods once you start using them. Its no different than waxing,tweezing, or any other beauty ritual and in case you were wondering, I'm perfectly calm. Just trying to give my fellow divas more options. Be blessed. <3 Thank you so much!Matthew Stevenson........

  2. Cut a piece of cellophane two to three times as wide as the diameter of the basket. Place the basket in the center of the cellophane and gather the cellophane a couple of inches from the top. Tie with ribbon.


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