If there's something that has taken over Pinterest (besides pictures with pineapples) are floral crowns! Last week I had the pleasure of attending a "DIY floral workshop" organized by "The creatives Loft". They taught me how to make my own crown and is amazingly easy so I thought it might be a good idea to show you how to do it for you or your little girls!

How to make a floral crown:
What you need:

- Floral wire. You can get it here.
- Floral tape. We used this one.
- Scissors.
- Greenery.
- Flowers (real or fake) But I do prefer real!

1. Grab the floral wire and put it on your head to mesure the size. Add a couple of inches to create a little handle on both sides. If you want the wire to be thicker and stronger, you can reinforce it with another layer.

2. Once the wire is ready. Select the kind of greenery you want. And cut the flowers, leaving a couple of inches. The greenery is going to be the base of the crown. So start with a leaf and fix it to the crown with the tape. Do not cut the tape when you are done. Then start adding the flowers and fixing them with the tape.

Keep adding greenery and flowers until the whole crown is done! And finally, tie the two handles with a pretty lace.

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