Les Cool Petites is a blog for those who love decoration, fashion and crafts for the little ones. You’ll find lots of ideas and inspiration. It’s written by Bea Torres, a creative copywriter who loves classy style and is obsessed with doing crafts.

And no, I don't have kids yet. But I fit into that category called PANK "Professional Aunt No Kids". Which means that I have the time and passion to get the best stuff for the kids in my live. Ha!

In this blog I try to guide everyone trough the latest trends and collections for kids and babies, from Zara to high couture designers that can give you inspiration. But also about the coolest decorations for rooms and nurseries. And of course, lots of DIY projects for kids and adults!

Mi main inspiration comes from the Nordic countries which means that what you'll see here is mostly into the "minimal" and modern style. Everything I talk about in this blog is, in my opinion, classy and cool. 

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